21 March 2020

Future Troop Movements [guest post by Edward Fox, 20 March 1873]

[From the New York Herald, 1873; story by Edward Fox]
here has been considerable activity in camp during the past few days, and although the future movement of the troops is kept very quiet at headquarters I have just learned that the Lost River camp will be broken up on Saturday and the troops there moved into camp on the south-eastern shore of Tule Lake, about three and a half miles from Captain Jack’s cave.
Lieutenant Chapin, of the Fourth artillery, leaves to-morrow for Lost River to take charge of the howitzers of that camp. Four twenty-four pound Coehorn mortars arrived here yesterday and have been given in charge of Major Evan Thomas, of the Fourth artillery, who will be assisted by Lieutenant Cranston, of Battery M, of the same regiment. The troops from Dorris’ and this camp will probably move about Monday or Tuesday and take up a position at the southwest of Tule Lake, close to the bluffs, about two and a half miles distant from Jack’s cave.
I am going to-morrow on General Gillem’s staff on a reconnoissance with two troops of the First cavalry. We shall probably go to the lava beds and return the same evening.
The Indian Bureau have just put a clincher on their peace policy by the appointment of Mr. Dyar, Indian Agent for Oregon, on the Peace Commission in the place of Odeneal, who has been excused. Dyar is the man who scared fifteen of these Modocs out of a year’s growth, and sent them back to fight when they were on their way to a reservation.

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