08 March 2020

8 March 2020

 8 March 12020 is International Women’s Day. I suppose it is JD 2458916, 12 Adar 5780 (on the Jewish calendar), 29 Meshir 1736 (Coptic), and 13 Rajab 1441 (Islamic). Your mileage may vary. And here in the United States it is the return of Daylight Saving Time, the zombie idea that refuses to die even when you drive a stake through its heart.
I guess I’m beginning to come around to the idea of four more years of the Dopey Don; at least it’s not as bad as a Biden presidency would be. God, what a choice. What a country. The time is out of joint, I guess. Not as out of joint as those dimwits spreading a manifestly false claim that a single volcano puts out more carbon than all the cars in history, but still pretty jointless nonetheless.

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