04 March 2020

4 March 2020

 4 March 12020 is Saint Casimir’s Day. Notable people born on this date include Egyptian composer Halim El-Dabh and English poet Guy Wetmore Carryl. And it’s 25 Meshir 1736 on the Coptic calendar, 8 Adar 5780 on the Jewish calendar, and 9 Rajab 1441 on the Islamic calendar. It appears that on Super Groundhog’s Day the Democratic Party saw its shadow and we’re now in for four more years of Trump. I mean, I’m in no position to criticize, seeing who our party’s “leader” is, but man, Democrats, couldn’t you have least united behind (say) Elizabeth Warren? Well, thanks Obama (as they used to say). Good job. And don’t try to sell me again on that lesser of two evil thing, okay? I’ll take King Log over King Stork any day.

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