18 April 2021

Typically Stupid

574,185   deaths from the pandemic here in the United States, and nearly three million worldwide—and the effort to get everyone vaccinated has had a setback with the use of one of the vaccines available for the job now suspended. In the meantime public attention has again shifted other topics—notably the trial of George Floyd’s killer, now in its final stages. I’m assuming that the smug bastard’s going to be acquitted after a brief deliberation by the jury before the judge awards him a medal for services to the Republic beyond the call of duty, but I could be wrong. The defense was typically stupid—the police were “distracted” by the large crowd of a half-dozen or so menacing women and children and the victim wouldn’t have died if he weren’t addicted to drugs. Pitiful, just pitiful, as Jed Clampett might observe. But of course the point isn’t to have a cogent defense of any kind—the point is to give the jury some excuse for the inevitable acquittal.

It’s high time we got rid of these gangs of armed thugs running around loose killing people and extorting money from the public under guise of “protection”. Don’t get me wrong, as a True Conservative™ I’m not in favor of defunding the police. Far from it. Nor do I think the police should mend their ways with some kind of reform measure—a toothless civilian review board or oversight committee or the like. That ship sailed before I was born. No, I’m in favor of going back a couple hundred years and abolishing the police altogether—handing their functions over to trained professionals in various fields—animal control experts, health care personnel, social workers, and so on—with a single paramilitary unit maybe to handle the occasional emergency. End this failed experiment originally intended at keeping the underclasses (whether enslaved or free) in their place and under control of their social betters. Terminate, or better yet, ex-terminate.

Why this grotesque overreach by local government continues to be tolerated is a legitimate topic for discussion. Likewise how we should enforce social conformity on the unwilling in the absence of paid armed thugs—and do we really need to go as far as we seem to have decided is necessary? But when an unarmed child with his hands up is killed by the police—and the officer doing the killing is lauded as a “hero”—I think we all should be able to agree that things have gone too damn far. If we can’t, we might as well chuck this whole civilization thing and let the cannibalistic dogs run the show.

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