03 March 2020

3 March 2020

 3 March 12020 is Super Tuesday. It is also World Wildlife Day, Mothers’ Day (Georgia), Martyrs’ Day (Malawi), Liberation Day (Bulgaria), and probably many more. The saint of the day is Cunigunde of Luxembourg, whose party trick was walking over red-hot plowshares without injury. It’s 24 Meshir 1736 on the Coptic calendar, 7 Adar 5780 on the Jewish calendar, and 8 Rajab 1441 on the Islamic calendar. And the world is apparently holding its breath waiting for the American Democratic Party to choose Joe Biden as its candidate for president. (I personally am not looking forward to watching Trump crush him like a cockroach come November, but that’s what I expect if the Democrats are really dumb enough to nominate this fumbling stumblebum as their torch-bearer. What’s the big idea here? To show that Democrats can make America even more of a laughingstock than the Republicans?)
And speaking of fumbling stumblebums, linguist Noam Chomsky for once appears to have the election situation pegged: “If the donor class succeeds in nominating a centrist candidate, progressive activist forces might be disillusioned and reluctant to do the work on the ground that will be needed to prevent the tragedy—repeat, tragedy—of four more years of Trumpism. If a progressive candidate does gain the nomination, centrist power and wealth may back away, again opening the path to tragedy. It will be a fateful year. It will be even more important than usual to remain level-headed and to think through with care the consequences of action, and inaction.” (Quoted as from an interview of last November.) Mind you I would call it not so much a tragedy as a bloody farce, using bloody in its literal sense. I mean, the Iranian hardliners just triumphed in the elections there (thanks to Trump), the Taliban is working out the terms of American surrender in Afghanistan (thanks to Trump), a new plague is threatening to do serious damage to the United States (partially thanks to Trump), and North Korea is holding a nuclear sword over everybody’s head (thanks to—well, not Trump, but he didn’t do anything to remedy the situation). Yes, Trump needs to go ASAP but not at the cost of installing somebody as bad or worse, even if his badness is (shall we say) different from the Dopey Don’s.

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