14 May 2020

Back. Maybe

y poor little aging laptop appears to be finally giving up the ghost after many years of service—its operating system long abandoned, and its speed inadequate to run on today’s data superhighways. It overheats when I call upon it to do anything and seems to prefer resting in limbo to cooperating with me in the various excursions I still am up to making.
One consequence of this is that I have had to give up roaming the internet for a bit. In the past I would have gone down the street to the library and posted from there, where they still have computers and a connection. But the libraries are now closed down, with uncertain prospects of reopening, thanks to the present virus threat. So I’ve been cut off from posting—not that anybody has missed it. Except me.
Well, I have a new device now, a notebook, and I’m taking another shot at communicating. This, I should point out, is only a test. If it works then maybe more will follow. If not—well then, not, I guess.
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