14 July 2020

Virus Connection Host

The current pandemic is completely out of control here in the United States, with 135,235 dead, 3,355,457 infected, and no end in sight. Self-proclaimed expert Donald Trump insists that the best thing to do is to ignore the virus and hope that it just magically disappears some fine day and in the meantime reopen schools, restaurants, theaters, and other places where people congregate to appease the Hidden Hand and implore It to shower Its blessings on us again.

Is this going to work? Admiral Brett Giroir M.D. doesn’t think so—not until “we take active steps to make [the virus] disappear.” But former “Love Connection” host Chuck Woolery has the ear of the Dopey Don, and he’s sure that the experts are lying. “I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election,” he observed, with the endorsement of Fake President Trump.

Woolery thinking aside, there is little reason to suppose the virus gives a shit about the Robber Baronet’s election chances. Like our Feckless Leader it has no brains, for one thing, and like me, it has no preference for which of the two political dinosaurs prevails in the electoral contest. Der Trummkopf’s notion that Covid-19 has a liberal bias is a ludicrous projection of his own hopes and fears onto the blank screen of his darkened mind, with no light of reality being allowed through its hermetically sealed boundaries.

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