29 June 2018

MAGA: Making America Grovel Abjectly

ot since Caligula returned from a campaign against the Ocean bearing seashells as Neptune’s tribute have we seen such a fatuous spectacle. So the Dopey Don has returned from North Korea empty-handed, fobbed off with nothing but a promise that the North Koreans would see what they could do about returning the dead bodies of American soldiers from a forgotten war, something they should have done long ago without any U. S. sacrifices. In return the Fake President has agreed to shut down training exercises with American regional allies South Korea and Japan and to remove its nuclear weapons from the peninsula—a major objective of the North Koreans. This is Making America Grovel Abjectly with a vengeance.
As America shrugs off its leadership rôle along with all pretense of greatness or exceptionalism the world wonders. Is the puppet president dancing to rasPutin’s pipe, or is this what you really get when you put Forrest Trump into a position of authority? Not that the two are mutually exclusive, by any means; it could very well be both. I have mixed feelings about the farce—because it is, let’s face it, amusing as hell to watch the most powerful military power on earth shoot itself in the foot in what appears to be a botched suicide attempt. On the other hand, as an American myself and an admirer of its aspiration to greatness I can’t help but share in the humiliation the Idiot-in-Chief has brought upon us all.
And I hear that our Puppet President has been summoned to meet with the Puppet Master in the coming months, I assume to receive his new dancing-orders. Better hope Russia doesn’t want to reverse Seward’s Folly—with the Dopey Don’s negotiating ability, the U. S. could end up minus its forty-ninth state.
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