29 September 2020

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

209,417. That’s the number of deaths from covid 19 in the United States so far. And we can all give heartfelt thanks to Donald Trump, Our Glorious Leader, that the number was not much lower. If OGL hadn’t sprung into prompt inaction, tens of thousands of people might still be alive, consuming resources desperately needed by the Gilded Scum at the top of the Pond of State to keep them in the comfort they feel entitled to.

Expendable people—the elderly, the diseased, the poor—ought to be glad to make way for the Gilded Scum. If they can’t be used to make the lives of the One Tenth of One Percent better, then they should at least have the grace to terminate their existences in some socially approved manner. It’s the American Way™ after all.

[Paid for by the Fake American Greatness Foundation, a subsidiary of Koke Bros UnLtd.]

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