04 September 2020

Suspect in Portland Killing Dead

In the news I see that the only suspect in the shooting death of Aaron Danielson was killed in the course of the investigation. Michael Reinoehl, who lived with a beautiful husky dog but otherwise had no obvious redeeming qualities, died while being arrested in Lacey Washington. The circumstances are otherwise murky.

The press is making a big deal out of Reinoehl’s opposition to systemic racism and to fascism, but here in the Pacific Northwest that’s like the flag, babies, motherhood, and apple pie. Not exactly a defining characteristic. I mean we may be racist as fuck up here—so my Black friend tells me anyway—but we’re all against it, just so long as we don’t have to make any personal sacrifices to end it. And nobody really likes fascism, not even the anti-anti-fascists.

There are still no details—just contradictory stories—about the events leading up to Danielson’s death, and with Reinoehl dead nothing much may ever come out. The guy had been involved in several scuffles in the area recently, once getting shot when he tried to wrest a gun away from another armed guy, and seemed to have a propensity for violence. He doesn’t sound like much of a loss, though I hope the husky is okay.

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