01 October 2020

Gullible's Travails

211,109   American deaths from covid 19 so far. And the federal government, whose job is to deal with threats of this sort, is doing nothing under the alleged leadership of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. Why Americans chose to put such low-level intellects in charge is a mystery, but the consequences have been bad for the nation.

Some joker apparently hoaxed our gullible and not-too-bright President into thinking that the “Portland Sheriff” gave him his support. There is no such person. Portland sprawls over three counties, and they have sheriffs, but Portland doesn’t. (Sheriff is normally a county function.) If he means the sheriff of Multnomah county—the county that is almost (but not quite) synonymous with Portland—he has specifically denied it. But with the Dopey Don all things are possible—and my guess is that somebody told the President he was the Portland sheriff in hopes that Trump would make an ass of himself by repeating it. As happened.

I’ve got to go; I hear the bell ringing for the daily corpse pickup. It’s time to bring out our dead.

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