23 September 2020

Everything Except Work (1999)

[Passage from my journal, 23 September 1999]

7:27  m PDT—Well, today worked out fairly well for everything except getting any actual work done. I bathed, bought stuff at the store, ran a load of dishes, cleaned out the refrigerator some, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and so on. The closest I got to work however was writing a few notes on the San Francisco Post material I worked on earlier this week.

I finished The Indian Frontier, which is a hell of a good book; I don’t know why I haven’t run into it before. And I took the tube checker apart to see whether I couldn’t loosen up that tube list a bit, so that it’s easier to turn and read. Food has been dismal recently, but I hit on the idea of doing au jus sandwiches, which I haven’t had since before [my father] died, and that got me looking forward to a meal again. I checked out my copy of Introducing the Beatles from my Beatles record guide, and found out that it is (I guess) a counterfeit of one of the rarest versions of the damn record, rather than a late re-issue as I’d thought; I bought it at Fred Meyer or some such place maybe in the early eighties. And that’s about it, I guess. Well, it rained some time today before I woke up, which kind of serves notice that summer is really over. Not that summer has been that hot or dry this year. Days recently have been fairly hot, which is why my air conditioner is running even as I write this, but I imagine that will pass soon.

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