02 September 2020

Dumbasininity of the Day

We’d like to have the consent, as an example, in Portland. We could solve that problem in approximately one hour, but the mayor refuses, perhaps for political reasons. I don’t know why it’s good for him to have a city that’s falling apart and that’s under siege now for 94 days. But, really, it’s been under siege for years, if you know Portland.

So, to the mayor, I say: Whenever you’re ready, let us know. We’ll solve your problem of violence. We’ll solve your problem of crime. We’ll arrest those criminals very rapidly, and you’ll be able to have some nice evenings in Portland.—Donald Trump, press briefing, 31 August 2020

[You obviously don’t know Portland, Don, if you think we’re somehow under siege. And we’re having some very nice evenings right now, no thanks to you and your goon squads. Knock it off, please.—sbh]

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