06 September 2020

I Didn't See Anybody (2003)

[Passage from my journal, 6 September 2003]

1:19m PDT—I didn’t really see anybody today, though I think Darryl dropped by at some point. My main accomplishment was scurrying off to the store—the Plaid Pantry—to buy bread, which I was out of. I need to make a real store trip, but the money situation is awful, and I have many bills coming up. I worked some on separating the J, E, and P sources of Exodus, mainly because I’m trying to figure out how the Moses story grew over time. He’s not at the center of the cult for J, as he is for E and P, or at any rate that’s now it looks to me. So how did the story grow over time? I think I watched some TV today—mainly coverage of the ongoing Middle East disaster. The Korean situation, which as far as I can see is entirely the result of the current president’s bungling, looks really ominous, but for some reason nobody seems to be covering it. And Ashcroft, that goddamn witch, is going around the country explaining that we really didn’t need those pesky civil liberties we used to enjoy anyway, and look how useful they are in prosecuting people who just a few years ago wouldn’t have been guilty of anything. Are these people for real? God help us all.

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