09 August 2020

Transitions: Ed Brayton

Well, this morning already sucks. P. Z. Myers informs us that Ed Brayton (“Dispatches from the Culture Wars”) has said on Facebook concerning his health situation: “I’m giving up and calling in hospice. I just can’t do this anymore. To those who know me in real life I love you and I’m sorry. I did my best.”

P. Z. Myers adds “He always has done his best, and he will be missed.” I won’t miss him in the sense his friends and family will, because I never knew him in the real world; I probably won’t miss him as much as I think in the abstract, simply because I’ve internalized so much of what he had to say that I can predict his take on the events of the day. But I do miss his daily presence on the internet, and the community he built around his “Dispatches” at Scienceblogs, Freethoughtblogs, and Patheos.


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