30 August 2020

Corrections and Updates

For what it is worth, the name of the man killed in Portland last night is now being given as Aaron Danielson rather than Jay Bishop; I have not seen any explanation of the change. It is also now being reported that the altercation began with Danielson attacking another man with pepper spray; only then did the other man retaliate by shooting him. A man seen in recordings of the event, identified as Michael Forest Reinoehl, is now “under investigation”—whether as a witness or as a suspect is not stated.

And again, whether there is any connection between this event and Trump’s caravan of hate is unclear. Apparently the dead man—whether his name is Jay Bishop or Aaron Danielson—is still being claimed as a “supporter” of the pro-fascist* Patriot Prayer outfit in Vancouver, so that hasn’t changed at least. If he was part of Trump’s goon caravan that came to Portland to make trouble, then he got what he came for. If, on the other hand, he was just an innocent bystander on the wrong side of history who got caught in the crossfire, then I guess it should just be chalked up to collateral damage. So far, however, the information available doesn’t allow for a judgment.

As election stunts go, Der Trummpkopf’s Goon Caravan was as lame as they come. And if this death was one of its fruits, then it was a pathetic misfire.

*On this site the term “pro-fascist” is used to designate opponents of various anti-fascist groups, to avoid the cumbersome expression “anti-anti-fascist”

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