08 August 2020

Enough Rope

And in the news I see that the Republicans remain devoted to their political game-playing even while going eye-to-eye with the disaster now bearing down on them. Determined to deny necessary aid to cities and states that have elected Democrats to office rather than do-nothing (and flatly insane) Republicans, they have elected to scuttle a bill that might help save their own hides from overwhelming defeat and salvage the party from immediate ruin.

This is policy, needless to say. The present Republican party has made no secret of its hatred for American values, and has made it clear that it will burn the country down rather than permit Americans such luxuries as a living wage, medical care, or hope for the future of their children. This is not a conservative agenda, by the way—it is simply the embodiment of the greed of the ultra-wealthy class—a class that doesn’t give a shit how the people that serve them live, so long as they can pile up more and more possessions and power for themselves. It is high time that these blood-sucking parasites be smashed, along with their dependents, hangers-on, enablers, and dupes.

I have no doubt that that will happen someday or other, but nothing will fundamentally change. The consumers of Fraud and Fakery—the swillers of future Fox News and the like—will elevate new parasites to sit on the vacated thrones of the old, and life will go on. It’s the civilized way, after all.

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