14 August 2020

Retreat from Washington

Gutless Mitch fled Washington without providing any assistance to the American people under siege from the ravages of a pandemic the Republicans have chosen not to deal with. Why not? The economy is doing great—for the rich anyway—and ordinary workers, especially those who are laid off and facing eviction, don’t count. Apparently.

From all appearances the Republicans have given up on the election and are now focused on fucking the economy up so badly that the opposition will have to spend its time running around desperately patching things up while the Republicans obstruct them, as they did throughout the Obama administration. And their inevitable answer will be tax cuts for the rich and more military spending. If the American people are dumb enough to fall for this again, I hope they attach strings to the tax cuts—make them contingent on jobs actually being created, for example. Otherwise we’re just opening the way for President Cotton to rob us all blind.

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