03 August 2020

That Damned Barn Door Again

I  am getting nowhere in trying to get a handle on things. Summer is dying away, much like the American dream, and my getting things done depends on events that will probably not happen in my lifetime—like seeing the libraries reopen.

Don’t get me wrong. I recognize the present necessity. I’m not happy about it, but I do recognize it, however reluctantly. But I can remember when the United States could rise to a challenge, instead of throwing up its hands and conceding defeat even before the race has begun. Was this hideous travesty really the best our country could manage?

I mean, I was just reading a piece about how even a bunch of pig-ignorant rich dilettantes managed to come up with a plan that if followed might have saved a hundred thousand American lives. The Dopey Don of course preferred wishful thinking to taking action—looking the other way and pretending nothing is happening seems to be his forte—but if even these wealthy know-nothings could achieve something, imagine what trained professionals might have done. Suppose we’d had a team set up to deal with just such an eventuality—a pandemic response team, if you will—ready to take action? It’s a reasonable sort of precaution to take, given the inevitability of pandemics.

Well, hindsight is golden, as they say. Possibly the United States should learn a lesson from the present debacle, and prepare for next time. Just a thought, anyway.

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