12 August 2020

Another Day Down the Drain

Today has slipped away from me again, eaten by trivia and flushed down the toilet of time. My main accomplishment, I suppose, was copying a bunch of books and articles from my memory drive to my computer so that I can push forward on various projects currently in stasis, and four articles—all coincidentally dealing with Mark 1:1—had apparently become corrupted; at least my machine refused to copy them regardless of my pleas and threats. All of them came originally from JSTOR, so back to JSTOR I went and downloaded them again, but it was kind of annoying. I’m glad that none of them had come from anywhere esoteric, anyway; I mean I’m sure I could have got them back again somehow, sooner or later, but I’d rather not have the hassle right now, what with the libraries being closed and all.

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