27 May 2017

Wooden Balls [1967]

[passage from my journal, 27 May 1967]
Leonardo 11, 403
oday I got up, had breakfast, and read in They All Discovered America*. I cleaned upstairs and read Lord of the Flies by Golding. I went downstairs and had supper (potatoes and roast beef). After supper my brothers and I played keep-away. This game was ill-omened from the start. First I protested against the use of wooden balls but everyone else said that it would be all right. When I was in the center I, attempting to recover the ball, slid on Bryan’s feet. The game continued until cleverly we contrived for the wooden ball to hit my head. We went in to nurse our injuries and have story. We finished Wuthering Heights. We then went to KXL-FM and around the city. We came home, I had a cheese sandwich and I went to bed. Signs of Spring: The rhododendrons and roses bloomed.

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