14 May 2017

Nothing Worth Reporting [1980]

[passage from my journal, 14 May 1980]
6:00 pm PST—I’m taking a break while the news goes on—what is the news? (1) Carter is removing diplomats from the embassy in Cuba on account of an anti-American campaign going on there. (2) The Cuban sea-lift is being called to a halt by Carter on account of the fact that Castro is supposedly dumping mental patients and criminals into Florida. (3) J. B. Stoner is found guilty of bombing a church in 1958 (Alabama). (4) The automobile industry is suffering from bad times at the moment. (5) The House and Senate are wrangling over different version of the budget. // Local: (1) The LA city council wants a review of police practices concerning gays. (2) I missed it. (3) I missed it. (Both were about the police.) (4) The weather report.
Well, enough of that. Since it’s been a while since I’ve written in my journal, I figured I’d do a little catching up. What’s going on at the moment is finals week, but my only final is Greek (tomorrow). Electronic Music is finished formally, Greek will be tomorrow, when I hand in my Native American Religions take-home final that will be finished, and Q is a bitch on accounta the fact that I haven’t even begun writing the paper (I’m still bogged down in research…).
What else is worth reporting? Nothing, I guess. Fuck it—more later.

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