09 May 2017

The Sacrilege Dream [2001]

[dream, written 9 May 2001]
 dreamed last night that I was appointed the head of a church (like unto the Mormons) where I’d been hanging out, maybe doing research, because everybody was convinced I was exactly the right person for the job. The previous leader had been so inept, and everybody was so pleased at my appointment, that I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I wasn’t a member of their faith, and indeed had serious problems with their beliefs, especially about evolution and their scriptures (they had an elaborate pseudo-history that they subscribed to, again somewhat like the Mormons—or for that matter, like virtually any fundamentalist sect). I spent some time figuring out where I could put a copy of Playboy (or some such magazine, not named in the dream) I had with me; it seemed sacrilegious somehow to put it anywhere in my new church office, so I finally decided on storing it in an anteroom that wasn’t exactly in the church itself, so to speak.

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