25 May 2017

Throwing Rocks at the Elephant's Tail

God said to throw rocks at the elephant’s tail;
He didn’t say monkey or rabbit or quail,
And so we throw rocks at the elephant’s tail
Because God told us to.—old song
 am having a lousy time of it at the moment, worrying about many things that I have no control over, such as whether my roommate will get to the doctor in time to have his feet removed or whatever horrible thing they’re going to do to him, or whether our tinhorn master-puppet will succeed in cutting off the food program that keeps me alive, or whether my heart is going to abruptly give out regardless of the work done to keep it going.
The outside news is not reassuring either. A candidate for the American House of Representatives, one of the two highest legislative bodies in the land, body-slammed a reporter for asking questions he apparently didn’t like. He belongs in jail, not in Congress, but I don’t suppose that’s going to make any difference now that the criminal class has officially taken over the country. (The guy in charge of “investigating” the case is one of his supporters, by the way. Should we say conflict of interest? Or is that off the table in our new streamlined political environment?)
At any rate, at times like this we can at least fall back on the old reliable nostrums that made the United States so strong in the past—an outsized military budget that accomplishes little, racist hypocrisy, that old-time ignorance, and empty bluster.

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