05 May 2017

Out of Touch [1979]

[A passage from my journal, 5 May 1979]
8:23 pm PST—I’ve spent all my time since yesterday working on my Simon of Cyrene book [a parody of The Jesus Scroll and the like] with indifferent results. The prose is frankly lousy. I would sure like to look at The Passover Plot et al though as I recall they were appallingly written and organized. At the moment I’m feeling rather dazed—I really hadn’t planned on getting so far into it this weekend—I really think this could be a commercial success if I handle it just right. Jesus was not crucified—but Simon. The later days of Jesus. His secret “gnostic” teaching. It’s going to be one hell of a book.
I suppose I am fundamentally out of touch with reality, down here in California.

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