31 May 2017

A Small Loss to the World [2003]

[Journal passage, 30/31 May 2003]
1:27 n PDT—I slept fitfully and in installments, getting up periodically to check on things when the dog barked or other alarums presented themselves. (Maybe I was up in the six to eight zone in the evening; I seem to recall Buffy coming on—probably the episodes where Faith returns and changes places with Buffy.) I think I finally got up after midnight, though I’m not really certain, and I ate something or other—a frozen Mexican dinner I’m pretty sure. And I screwed around with my computer downstairs—the parody anthology project mostly. I turned on the TV around 2:30 m and found that some of my guide was back, but mostly it read “No Listing”. When I checked it out later in the morning though it seemed to be up and running, and I edited it again to eliminate all the hundreds of channels I don’t get. I worked a bit on ideas for a Poe parody (a poem) and hit on one I sort of liked, though nothing to write home about yet. I saw on the morning news that they’d finally got [Christian terrorist] Eric Rudolph, the moron who allegedly left bombs lying around in Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi, killing and maiming various bystanders. If he is the guy I hope he fries; if not, well, he’d be a small loss to the world in any case, but I’d hate to think of somebody being punished for a crime committed by somebody else. I talked with my mother and then my brother on the phone—he is supposedly going to bring my lawnmower back some time today, which will probably mean another screwed-up night, sleepwise. Ah well.

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