10 May 2017

Seagle Morning [1970]

[As told to me by Mohammed, the self-described Persian Jesus Christ, one morning when I was desperately trying to complete a paper for college, about 10 May 1970]
                        I was walking in the morning
                        and there were white birds
                        white birds from the sea
                        how do you call them?
                        Seagles yes seagles on the field
                        And I walked over to the seagles
                        to see if I could be with the seagles
                        without the seagles going away
                        And when I walked to them
                        the ones that were here were gone
                        and there were only the ones there
                        till I was on the field alone.
                        And the seagles made a circle around me
                        And I lay down in the field so they could come back

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