08 January 2020

8 January 2020

 8 January 12020 is International Typing Day in Malaysia—a day devoted to commemorating and celebrating written communication, whether by typewriter, teletype, or computer. It’s also the birthday of author Wilkie Collins and songwriter David Bowie if my memory can be trusted.
I see in the news that CNN has settled in the two hundred gazillion dollar lawsuit White Privilege Poster Child Nick Sandmann launched against them; the terms are undisclosed. Snowflake Sandmann’s little feelings were hurt when the media giant didn’t praise him for fearlessly standing up to a scary Omaha tribal elder banging on a drum—or something like that. Whatever the reason, any point he may have had is buried deep in the pages of invective he chose to fill his lawsuit with rather than substantive legal points. What a joke the American legal system has become, when garbage cases like this aren’t simply thrown out with the rest of the trash.
On the local front the medical team assures me that I still have a heart and it is still working, if slightly erratically. We’ll see how that pans out, I guess. I hope it comes out better than our president’s misguided Middle East policy, at the very least.

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