03 January 2020

3 January 2020

 3 January 12020 is Festival of Sleep Day. That’s the best I can do, anyway. It’s Tolkein’s birthday, as well as George Martin’s. The saint of the day is Gordius of Cappadocia, a centurion who lost his job when a change of administration bought Christians into disfavor. He spent some time out in the desert—in meditation I suppose—before returning to  disrupt a chariot race at the expense of those who had worked hard to train for it and who had an actual stake in the outcome. He was martyred early in the fourth century.
The war with Iran is progressing nicely with the assassination of a high Iranian military official as ordered by the American president. Next the dumbass branch of the Republican party, along with Fox News and the Daily Howler, will be calling to an end to the impeachment process on the ground that the Commander In Chief needs to keep a clear head during this time of crisis—never mind that he brought the crisis on entirely by his own idiocy. If he cared about the good of the nation he’d do us all a favor and resign, confessing his inadequacy for the job he so rashly undertook. But that’s not going to happen. Trump’s only interest in the United States is ensuring its destruction. I can’t help wondering why.

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