02 January 2020

2 January 2020

 2 January 12020, Science Fiction Day, appears also to be Berchtold Day in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Carnival Day in Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Guru Govind Singh Jayanti for Sikhs. This last is the celebration of the birthday of the tenth and last Sikh guru, who apparently codified the religion at some point during the seventeenth century. It is a movable feast from the viewpoint of the Gregorian calendar; I don’t know the details, but today is when it falls this year according to various online sources.
In the news I see that some two-bit backwoods politician (his name’s Jonathan Stickland) hasn’t heard that the efficacy of vaccines was demonstrated last century, and seems to think it is some sort of “sorcery” (his word). Texas needs to do some housecleaning ASAP. And the Dopey Don seems to be ineffectually trying to launch a war with Iran—I suppose to boost his reelection chances. Sad. And Chris Christie is predicting that three New Jersey House seats will flip from blue to red due to impeachment backlash. Crazy.
Karl Rove appears to be the latest Republican to claim that the only Democrat who can beat Trump in November is Joe Biden. I predict that if the Democrats are dumb enough to fall for that crap and run him Trump will trounce him electorally, and probably this time with at least a plurality of the popular vote. I hope I’m wrong on both counts, actually; a Biden presidency would finish the demolition job on America that Trump started, but Trump’s reelection would do the country no favors either.
Is this the end for the once-great nation? Probably not, but the road to recovery will be as long as a Russian novel and as treacherous as its current president.

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