21 January 2019

Too Cloudy Here

 21 January 2019 is the third Monday in January and so Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States unless you happen to live in Alabama or Mississippi (in which case it’s Robert E. Lee’s birthday), Arizona or New Hampshire (in which case it’s Civil Rights Day), or Idaho (in which case it’s Idaho Human Rights Day). It’s Flag Day in Quebec and Grandmother’s Day in Poland, and the saint of the day is Agnes—a thirteen-year-old girl who died for her faith early in the fourth century according to tradition.
And it’s the thirtieth day of Trump’s partial government shutdown, and he seems to think things are going pretty well to judge from his apparent inaction. We can only hope he knows something he’s not sharing with the rest of us, since the situation looks pretty abysmal for him from where I sit. Ann Coulter is throwing a Twitter-fit, which apparently influences the Dopey Don for some reason, even though he’s boasted that he could kill somebody and absolutely get away with it.
The eclipse last night was a bust as far as I was concerned; it was too cloudy here to see anything—at least on the occasions I tried. I’m not going to worry about it; I’ve seen eclipses before, and there’s a reasonable possibility I will see them again. And if not—well, that’s how it goes. Eventually I will see my last lunar eclipse, and I probably won’t know that it is my last. It may even have happened already.

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