30 January 2019

Forget Yesterday

 30 January 2019 is the anniversary of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948; it is also the anniversary of the Beatles’ rooftop concert—their final live performance if you like—in 1969. It’s also (probably) the anniversary of the day that the entrenched Modocs sent out a peace emissary from their stronghold in the California lava beds after their surprise victory a week earlier over Federal troops in 1873.
In local news I see that self-described journalist Nancy Rommelmann sent out a series of deranged tweets attacking a critic of her attacks on rape victims from an account belonging to Ristretto Roasters, a company owned by her husband. Her explanation: “I was het up last night and stupidly (obviously) asked for the RR Twitter password. Believe me, our media guy is not happy.” More “toxic femininity” I suppose? Anyway the tweets have been deleted and we’re all supposed to pretend that they never happened. Move along, people, there’s nothing to see here and all that.
Am I bored? Damn right I am. Maybe things will improve as the days get longer, but my hopes are not high.

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