07 January 2019

Another Brick in the Goddamn Wall

nd things continue to wobble uncertainly this Plough Monday; maybe it has something to do with it also being St. Distaff’s Day this year. It is the seventeenth day of the partial government shutdown here in the United States, and President Trump is apparently preparing to finally address the nation to make his case for a destructive and expensive wall along the nation’s southern border, instead of tweeting and twittering like a high-school kid.
I can’t imagine what he’s going to say. It will be pointless, of course, and stupid, and filled with lies, because that’s the kind of guy he is. A liar, a boaster—what else could it be? But that’s not the important part—rather, can he put on a performance that will turn the numbers around for him? Can he throw a spectacular enough tantrum to convince American voters to line up behind him? I mean, that’s what it comes down to. He needs something like Reagan’s stack of dollar bills reaching to the moon to pull that off—and even that may not be enough. He needs the American people behind the wall, rather than up against it.

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