26 January 2019

Frozen Alligators

 26 January 2019 is doubtless some holiday or other, but I don’t have anything for it. The saints of the day are Timothy and Titus, associates of Paul of Tarsus, who worked with him during his first century project of founding a new religion. Timothy and Titus are probably most famous for being the supposed recipients of letters somebody (I’m partial to Polycarp) wrote in the second century in Paul’s name.
In the news I see that Greece has approved Macedonia’s name change to the Republic of North Macedonia, that a dam near Belo Horizonte in Brazil has collapsed (two hundred people missing), and that alligators in North Carolina are frozen with their noses above water (they are expected to come back to life when things warm up). And Roger Stone has been arrested. And the U. S. government has temporarily reopened for business.
I can’t help but feel that those frozen alligators are some kind of metaphor for the state of the union at the present, but maybe that’s just because I’m tired and in pain.

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