24 January 2019

A Senseless Nation

 24 January 2019 is Unification Day in Romania (a relatively recent holiday, apparently, though the unification it commemorates happened in 1859—coincidentally the year the state I live in—Oregon—actually became a state). For the Roman Catholics it is the Feast of Our Lady of Peace. Until 1969 the saint of the day was Timothy—who worked with Paul of Tarsus in various early Christian mission efforts—but now he has been lumped in with Titus on the 26th of the month.
There is still no end in sight for the U.S. government partial shutdown, and our feckless leader seems to have given up on delivering his State of the Union address for the moment. Five people were killed in Sebring, Florida, when a former trainee prison guard opened fire for some reason in a bank; Police Chief Karl Hoglund described him as “a senseless criminal doing a senseless crime.” The White House turned down Puerto Rico’s request for additional food money to deal with post-disaster hunger as “excessive and unnecessary.” The United Kingdom still has no plan for how to disengage itself from the European Union. And Kim Jong Un is preparing for another round of Trump-baiting, seeing (I suppose) that the last round got several concessions from the United States in return for absolutely nothing. He must think that we’re a nation of idiots—and it’s looking more and more as if he’s right.

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