16 April 2017

The Moment (Status Report)

aster Sunday is upon us, and I have nothing to wear. Literally nothing; my clothes need laundering and I am limping around uncomfortably after a fall off the porch in the dark a few days ago. Why I fell I don’t know; it was dark, but as far as I could tell nothing happened to precipitate it; I just abruptly fell for no reason.
I managed to limp up to Woods Creek Park yesterday with my dog Harry; we were abruptly joined there by a friendly white dog who kept offering Harry sticks to play with. Harry seemed happy enough to play, but he had no idea what to do with the sticks. We wandered uncomfortably through the woods—there’s a washed-out piece of trail there now with no clear instructions on how to go around it—just an abrupt notice that the trail is closed—and Harry wasn’t about to change our usual walk over something that trivial. It was bad enough getting him to go along with the idea of looping through the park and going back up the way we came instead of going through it, but I wanted to give the friendly white dog every chance to get back where he belonged rather than leading him off away somewhere. That seemed to work; as we peeled off onto the South Trail he heard somebody calling and took off at a run in that direction. I hope it was his human counterpart; once he was gone he was gone and I didn’t see him again.
I’m lying quietly at home mostly today, in hopes that my ankle and knee and other parts will soon resume their normal color and function. I don’t think that the Easter Rabbit left me any eggs, so there’s probably no point in looking for them, but I will have to do something about the laundry situation soon.

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