26 April 2017

Inaccurate Historical Marker Moved; Racists Freak Out

It appears ISIS has won. They are tearing down historical monuments in New Orleans now too. It must end. Despicable!—Corey Stewart
here is no parallel at all between the destruction of priceless repositories of information such as the libraries and archaeological sites that the so-called Islamic State has destroyed and the relocating of worthless modern historical markers. If those markers were our only source of information about the events of the Civil War and Reconstruction then they would have some value, but that is far from the case. There is a mass of documentation about the aftermath of the election in which Grant-backed William Pitt Kellogg defeated white supremacist John McEnery for governor of Louisiana. Both claimed victory, both held inaugurations, and both attempted to govern. The whole business culminated in the riot known as “The Battle of Liberty Place” in which white supporters of McEnery overpowered the police and drove Kellogg briefly out of office until order could be restored by Federal troops. This is the event commemorated by the obelisk just removed.
This 1891 monument with its 1932 inscription in support of white supremacy ought to be preserved somewhere as a shameful and hideous record of American racism, but you'd think decent people would prefer to hide it away somewhere out of sight.

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