06 April 2017

It's About Goddamn Time [1999]

[From my pre-weblog, 6 April 1999]
ne of the ongoing themes of early April is this goddamn Serbian situation. I don’t really have anything to say about it, except that this has been a long time coming, and frankly is overdue. I’d like to say something profound about the whole bit, but really all I can say is that it’s about goddamn time. If there was one lesson to be learned from World War II it was that some people have to be stomped on early. NATO should have stomped the Serbs ten years ago. I sure as hell don’t agree with these morons who are saying that the world hasn’t given diplomacy a chance—what went wrong here (like what went wrong at Munich) was too much velvet glove and not enough iron fist. And this is coming from somebody who believes in negotiation whenever possible. But there is a point when negotiation is futile, and one of those points is when you’re dealing with somebody who will not keep an agreement. What the hell is the point? And when that somebody is a murderous thug like the current ruler of Yugo­slavia, then negotiation is a criminal activity. You don’t nego­tiate with criminals; you stop them. And we’ve been past the time for negotiation for a hell of a long time, and too many people have died as a result. And the spectacle of Serbians prancing around wearing targets and listening to music while their own police and army slaughter Albanians by the thousands is one hell of a note to end the millennium on. Allah have mercy on us all.

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