13 April 2017

Empty Bridge [1979]

[Dream, 13/14 April 1979]
 dreamed about Wyn. I didn’t recognize it in the dream, but I was back with the John Rogers School gang—Bruce, Wyn and others—and in the auditorium-gymnasium of the school but much larger, a professional theatre. We were screwing around backstage, and got kicked out, everything as it was then, except we were adults. Sixteen year old memories—I’ve been completely replaced twice since then, only the empty bridge of memories to connect us. Those were good days—I don’t remember the lows though I know they were there—I suffered from depression and hated school but sixteen years have leached all that away, eviscerating my memories to an artificial powdered happiness. Artificially sweetened, just add water and stir. And compared to the nightmares that have come since they were good days.

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