14 April 2017

A Singularly Dull Day [1969]

[Journal passage, 14 April 1969]
1:03 pm PST—For various reasons I decided to continue the story of my existence on this page rather than finish the other. If necessary I shall go back and make notes about the happenings of those days. In fact I just did. Today has been singularly dull. The day (Day 140) went something like this:
Prologue — I got up late and it was slow going. I discovered that I couldn’t catch the bus so my father drove us to school. I took the Oxford Annotated Bible and the Pseudepigrapha other than school books.
I — Latin and before. I arrived at Advisory (without having stopped at my locker) slightly late. This went unnoticed. Advisory was five minutes so I went on to Latin. Daryl and Mike managed to play six games of chess—Mike won all of them.
II — Math, Contempt, World History—a tough trio. Today there was a slow workup. I wrote a journal entry in Math, worked on Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs in Contempt, and actually listened to the presentations in World History. We had a substitute in Math, reports on Stalin and Khrushchev in Contempt, and covered the British Empire in World History.
III — Lunch—and after. Comparatively soft. In Lunch I had to sit at another table, in English we had (finished) a test for the last fifteen minutes, and Study Hall is Study Hall. Nothing.
(We are supposed to have an assembly this afternoon, so, if we do, and if I feel like it, I will write about it. Otherwise, I won’t.)
1:30 pm PST—I just looked for something worth interpolating into this text, but I couldn’t find it. Oh well, you can’t win them all. It’s just that I can’t win any of them.
[♂♂] 7:50 am PST—To continue this outline:
IV — Assembly and Company. I went to the Assembly—nothing really interesting. It was an honor society thing. Bruce joined the group—nothing else interesting. When that part of the assembly was over we got to listen to the University of Portland stage band, which was good. They eventually finished, and we got to go home. I took the bus. Upon arrival I read some Nathan, Baring, and Mencken.
V — Matters relating to the bath. I bathed, was interrupted for supper, and ate. I talked for awhile.
Epilog — I went to bed. I couldn’t sleep due to my bathroom problems. I read the Mark Twain thing in Life and several others.

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