31 March 2017

Something Must Have Gone Well Today [2003]

[Passage from my journal, 31 March/1 April 2003]
12:27 n PST—I got up some time in the evening, not having slept all that well, and screwed around. I guess this is another day pissed away, though it seemed like I was getting things done or something. I watched war coverage; it looks as though something must have gone well today; Rumsfeld was back to his old self, chipper and making the idiotic comments he thinks of as jokes. Saddam Hussein issued through a subordinate (allegedly anyway) a statement calling on all Muslims to rise up against the invader, seemingly an act of desperation, but he must have been desperate for some time now. Always assuming that he is actually alive. It’s always possible that Bush II and company really do know something; God knows they have the resources to, should they choose to use them. Fooey.

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