18 March 2017

In Relation to What? [1969]

[Passage from my journal, 18 March 1969]
ⲡⲁⲣⲉⲙϩⲟⲧ 22, 1685
9:45 pm PST—(rain, 3.0) Today I got up and went to school. I didn’t take the bus. Day 126. I read in the Inter­pret­er’s Bible (Samu­el). Schedule: Advisory (Language club meet­ings), Latin (Mike went to his second meeting of the Latin Club—he’s emperor of the club. They decided that I should play the record­er for the Roman Ban­quet. I am not a member of the club), Math (we got our tests back; I got two wrong), Con­tempt (Dr. Apsler spoke on the Arab-Is­raeli conflict), World Histo­ry, Lunch (our table is gone), Eng­lish (library), Study Hall. I took the bus home. I checked the dittoed material my father brought home, talked, ate, bathed, talked about Samuel, and went to bed.

Brent: In our school we have a day where the students teach the classes and run the schools.
Bryan: Do the students have complete control?
Brent: Well, there are teachers around so things don’t get out of hand.
Bryan: Ah, a token concession from the estab­lishment administration.

Any of those things is always deep in relation to what, you know.—The Guru

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