07 March 2017

Series of Nothing

[passage from my journal, 7 March 2000]
3:00 m PST—Well, another in a series of nothing days, but hey, at least I’m keeping up in my journal, right? As the last year of my seventh life (or my forty-ninth year if you want to look at it like that) grinds to an undistinguished close, I con­tinue fighting with this goddamn Modoc stuff—specifically, I finished stuffing the March 1873 Newspaper Account Index with the San Francisco Chronicle items and started working on the Yreka Journal (which is to say, I’m working on Atwell’s stories). I suppose I should do the Sacramento Record next, but I don’t even know if I have it—what’s on that microfilm anyway? A quick check shows that it gets as far as April so I should be covered. Anyway, that’s the bulk of what I did today. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a repeat, so I skipped it, though I caught Sportsnight (which continues to be one of the best shows on tv). And I heard from my niece via email today; also it looks like I finally won an auction for the Drannan book; we’ll see. And today I got one person to visit my website—the night before somebody came by and somehow only visited my two so far unvisited pages. I don’t know what’s the story with that; maybe it’s somebody from Maxpages.

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