04 March 2017

Rallies for The Don

assive rallies of the Trumpenproletariat were ordered today to honor the achievements of our groper-in-chief, and dozens of demonstrators dutifully responded with spontaneous shows of support from coast to coast. It was an inspiring moment. Of course the news media, being under the thumb of the evil overlord George Soros, ignored the event, but it did not go unnoticed by The American People™. Citing the many jobs he’s brought back to our shores in the month or so since he’s taken office, his brilliant military victory in Yemen, and his increasing the length of the day during his tenure, supporters predict Trump will soon replace TR on the Mt. Rushmore monument and St. Ron in the hearts and minds of the Republican faithful. The Don, as he likes to call himself, was characteristically low-key, accusing his predecessor of having tapped his phones during the election and refusing to talk about Russia’s rôle in his administration. And, of course, the pro-Trump rally in Berkeley turned violent and there were arrests. What else would you expect?

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