16 March 2017

Black-Is-White Thinking [1984]

[From my pre-weblog, 16 March 1984]
othing much to report, I guess. I just got finished watching CNN’s replay of its coverage of this Massachusetts rape case—watched one of the defendants tell his version of what happened which sounded like a hasty improvisation to me, but what do I know? In other news I see that Congress is again trying to cram school prayer down our throats, that California official­ly endorses job discrimination against homosexuals, and that a woman who had herbicides dumped on her cannot collect for person­al damages, but can collect for the damage done by the stuff to her property…. Madness.
Black-is-white thinking continues to reign … Fundamentalists are being cruelly persecuted because they aren’t allowed to require classroom prayer, while some peo­ple want to infringe upon the rights of bigots to discriminate against whomever they please.
I’m watching Reagan continue bumbling around in the mideast—one of the things that amazes me is that although Reagan’s mishandling of this Syrian crisis eclipses any American foreign policy disaster since Nixon’s Vietnamization of that war there has been no wave of public revulsion against him. I can understand the rats follow­ing the piper, but why don’t they desert the sinking ship?
I can’t stand watching/listening to/reading the news any lon­ger—it always pisses me off and ruins the rest of my day. Bet­ter to live in ignorance it seems to me.
Emotional weather report: clouded and gloomy, with a pro­found low blowing in from the north … stay tuned for sports.

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