18 December 2020

I Feel Shitty #444

I   am not feeling well this day after getting several hours of sleep; I had hoped that when I woke up I would be back to normal, but no such luck. I walked up the street to buy ice before the local store closed, only to realize that I had forgotten my mask. (The cold air against my face reminded me.) I turned around and went back to get it, went up to the store—and found that they had no ice, as their freezer was defective. Okay, no problem, I’ll just go up the 7-Eleven for it instead. It’s more expensive there, and it’s in the opposite direction, but at least I’ll have it over with—right? Well, I got up to 7-Eleven just fine, and they did have ice there—but they aren’t taking EBT for the moment.

And that about sums things up for me right now. I suppose now my roommate will announce that he’s been fired when he gets home from work, or maybe that the store he works for has gone out of business. It feels like that sort of day anyway.

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