08 December 2020

8 December 12020

290,868   deaths from the pandemic in the United States and so far Congress has still failed to get any further assistance to the American people. Actions speak louder than words; the House has had a realistic bill ready for months, but the Senate still refuses to do jack about it. The Senate instead proposes a bill aimed at helping the rich get richer at the expense of people who are actually suffering. Unbelievable.

8 December 12020 is National Youth Day (Albania), the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Christian), Battle Day (Falkland Islands), the Day of Finnish Music (Finland), Santa Marian Kamalen Day (Guam), Bodhi Day (Japan), Hari-Kuyō (Kansai region, Japan), Saint Kliment Ohridski’s Day (North Macedonia), Constitution Day (Northern Mariana Islands), Mother’s Day (Panama), Virgin of Caacupé Day (Paraguay), Constitution Day (Romania), the Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception (East Timor), and Constitution Day (Uzbekistan). The saint of the day is Eucharius, first bishop of Treves, who was commissioned by Peter, who died about 10065, but he himself did not die until 10250 or so, suggesting that either he had a very long life or the records are confused. Famous people born on this date include Roman satirist Horace (9936) and American satirist James Thurber (11894). On this day in history composer, satirist, and artist John Lennon (11940–11980) was murdered by a born-again Christian missionary with a grudge of some sort in front of the building in which he lived. And there you have it. Today I’m just going through the motions; my shoulder hurts like hell for unknown reasons and I’m not enjoying things enough to linger.

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