13 December 2020

13 December 12020

303,947   people are now dead from the pandemic in the United States. The world death toll now stands at 1,604,978. By the time I post this the numbers will be larger. And I am out of things to say once again. Here we speak fluent cliché, as the woman said in some old movie parody. I’ve got nothing.

13 December 12020 is Acadian Remembrance Day (the Acadians), Sailor’s Day (Brazil), Nanking Massacre Memorial Day (China), the third Sunday in Advent (Christianity), Nusantara Day (Indonesia), the third day of Hanukkah (Judaism), Republic Day (Malta), Martial Law Victims Remembrance Day (Poland), National Day (Saint Lucia), Charity Day (Ukraine), and possibly Cocoa Day (the cocoa industry?). The saint of the day is Lucia of Syracuse, known for giving away her inherited wealth to all and sundry and gouging her own eyes out to send to an admirer who was taken with them. It’s better than torturing a fish, I suppose. And it’s Dick Van Dyke’s birthday.

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