17 October 2020

Signs of Life

222,988  American deaths from covid-19 as the slaughter continues. It’s also seventeen days till the Election, fourteen days till Halloween, and 1366 days since the Genius of the Stables took office. And it’s Wear Something Gaudy Day.

And I see that after six years of silence the Afarensis weblog has abruptly come back to life. I’m looking forward to new posts. And Ed Darrell has rescued an old comment of his from oblivion (well, the archives of P. Z. Myers’ blog)—this one about Charles Darwin’s alleged racism. And the Quote Investigator features an Arthur C. Clarke observation to the effect that “There is a hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags will not wave in a vacuum; our present tribal conflicts cannot be sustained in the hostile environment of space.” Also the History weblog is noting a project that is digitizing some 30,000 Hittite cuneiform texts. It’s encouraging to see signs of life in the rubble.

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