21 February 2020

Matilda Whittle’s Report [guest post by Edward Fox, 21 February 1873]

[From the New York Herald, 1873; story by Edward Fox]
Both Whittle’s [wife] Matilda and the Modoc [woman] Artena returned this evening from Captain Jack’s headquarters in the lava beds. They report that they had a talk with Schonchin’s brother, an old [man] who figured in the war of 1852. He appeared to be recognized by the other [men] as being in authority, as they all sat round, listened and grunted approval at his remarks. He said he wanted to see the white men and talk; they did not want any more fight.
Captain Jack said he wanted to talk; he was a chief, but appeared jealous of the position taken by John Schonchin, who has got the control of the majority of the tribe. [Matilda Whittle] says they were all in a good humor and appeared anxious for peace.
A messenger will be sent in to-morrow to arrange for a meeting between the Indians and the Commissioners.

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